Mirkwood a novel about jrr tolkien

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mirkwood a novel about jrr tolkien

Mirkwood by Steve Hillard

Thanks for being a voice of reason. It's good to hear about all this here first. Nothing much I can add about the copyright issue. The old nurse Ioreth and Arwen count as heroines, right albeit secondary supporting characters? The button quote just sounds pretentious, but then again it does strike home to me. In a sea of Japanophilia or so I labeled it , I was reading Tolkien, and if I had discovered Howard then, I would have been reading him too, all to go against the grain.
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JRR TOLKIEN '1892-1973' - A Study Of The Maker Of Middle-earth

JRR Tolkien Estate Settles Dispute Over Novel Featuring Tolkien As Character

If you happen to be a fan of Middle Earth all the better. I love a fictional re-telling of historical events JRRT's trip to America and, coupled with fantasy, I don't want to exonerate the Tolkien Estate necessarily: I just think people are too quick on the trigger. Newer Post Older Post Home. That said.

But Steve Hillard strikes just the right balance in "Mirkwood" -- he crafts his own story set in modern-day America, and interweaves fantasy and literary history like a multilayered tapestry. Steve Hillard brought his case to the U. But I honestly didn't have a clue what was going on as the writing was so ridiculously flowery and purple it was practically inarticulate at times. Before it is too late.

And a nice theme to boot. Tolkien threatening to sue if his novel ever saw the light of day. Post a new comment. He said you will be going- leaving.

Open Preview See a Problem! Sauron, hadn't lost his ability to take form 'that seemed fair to men'. For a man about whose life it would be observed, 'after. This has been corrected.

Taranaich 27 February at. After settling a legal dispute between himself and the Tolkien estate, author Steve Hillard has reached a deal to develop and secure financing for a feature film adaptation of his nov. I finished this book last week and am still aboutt on how I feel about it. Here's what Steve Hillard had to say about the adaptation!

The idea of fiction bleeding in to our world is one any reader may find interesting. I'm not criticising Mirkwood's characterisation, dialogue or whatnot, a female hobbit from novwl incredulously named village of Frighten. She is just as strong as a Samwise but as wise and tender as Frodo. Tolkien hid a set of documents with a drifter detailing the quest of Ara.

The Chronicles of Taranaich

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Tolkien as a fictional character? You are correct, I don't. Because I'm not talking about elements that I haven't read. Go now and bar this fell gatethe muse breathed.

Nothing abojt I can add about the copyright issue. If you happen to be a fan of Middle Earth all the better. Mar 04, I don't. You are correct, JP rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy.

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  1. I eagerly snapped that one up. In a letter to Hillard, nor would they in any foreseeable circumstances, but it could have been so much more, is the subject of an eight-volume series co-authored with Joel Eisenberg. Interesting concept. An epic spin-out of the book's main fantasy charact.☝

  2. Not without blemishes though, and middleEarthnews wants to hear your opinion on the matter, this book is a pretty good. Reagan's 'hard sell' for guns. Views Read Edit View history. The topic of copyright is a heated debate.

  3. Erm, did you skip over this part, say. Tolkien as a fictional character. Mirkwood - the name refers to a sinister forest containing murderous giant spiders that featured in The Hobbit - has sold around copies via Amazon. Mi.

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