Maqtal imam hussain book in urdu

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maqtal imam hussain book in urdu

Maqtal e Hussain (AS) | Imam Husain(A.S.)-The Chief of Martyrs

Marsiyas are essentially religious. The word Marsiya is derived from the Arabic word marthiyya root R-TH-Y , meaning a great tragedy or lamentation for a departed soul. It is usually a poem of mourning. This form found a specially congenial soil in Lucknow , an important Shia Muslim community in the Indian subcontinent , where it was regarded as an act of piety and religious duty to eulogize and bemoan the martyrs of the battle of Karbala. The genre was championed by Mir Babar Ali Anis. While the length of elegy initially had no more than forty or fifty stanzas, he pushed it beyond one hundred fifty or even longer than two hundred stanzas or band s, as each unit of marsiya in the musaddas format is known.
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Last Words Of Imam Husain RZ Before Death ( Shahadat ) urdu stories islamic stories

Writing maqtal among Shi'a is mostly for describing the martyrdom of infallible Imams a and notable Shi'a personalities. In the course of time and due to prevalence of such works about the Tragedy of Karbala , this term became exclusively used for narrating the events related with the martyrdom of Imam al-Husayn a and his companions. In historical studies, any written account which contains reports about murder or martyrdom of a notable personality in the history is called maqtal.

Syed Hussain Muhammad Naqvi

This survey of the unique revolution of Imam Husayn as is analytical in essence, its purpose is to give a qualitative rather than quantative account. The Night of Ashura. Views Read View source View history. History of events that led to the tragedy of Karbala.

C- r-"IJ1. Salam al-Hirawi. Asbagh b. The book, famous by the name "Maqtal-e-Abi Mikhnaf" is considered as a trustworthy account by all.

A i-v. Yazid al-Asbahi Shimr b. The majority of these works have been prepared to suit mourning ceremonies in order to make the people cry more. Islamic Sites.

I,J L? Download Now. J;Jc fv. The Sermon of Mina.

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Name of Books Download Format Language 1. Kitab Maqtal al-Husayn. The Karbala. A Probe Into the History of Ashura. The Ashura Uprising. Husayn A. S Sacrifice For The Mankind.

Musafira e Sham. J11;z LUl. Yazid Hakuwa Amiirul-Mu'mininby Sh. Husayn A. A Journey A poem on the tragedy of Karbala.

E vents and Circumstances Surronding the Martrydom of al-Husain b. Ali by I. A Howard Ph. The Journey of Imam Husain. In this book, the reader will find chapters covering the whole life account of al-Abbas in addition to a brief presentation of the historical circumstances that led him to be on the top in the list of the heroes of humanity in general and Islam in particular.


Consequently, Hazrat Muslim r. J il:J 'I. Imam Hussain A! Muhammad al-Tamimi al-Maghribi.

The Stages of boook Rites of Azadari. Excellent for quick reading, or to give to your friends and coworke. A Howard Ph. Muharram and Safar - A Time of Mourning.

Marsiyas are essentially religious. S ; Hurr: The Warrior Friend. IJ-c lvV" l;f. His meticulous compilation of such events would have undoubtedly been arduous.

Yahya 'Attar Qummi. Y' JI. S : Imam Husain Leaves Madinah Isma'il al-Shajari.

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  1. Ziyarat Aminullah. IPS tj. It refers to a revolution against tyranny and oppression led by Imam al-Husayn son of Imam Ali ibn [son of] Abu [father of] Talib and grandson of Prophet Muhammad. I t-l.

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