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reasons and persons derek parfit pdf

Reasons and Persons - Wikipedia

Reasons and Persons is a book by the philosopher Derek Parfit , in which the author discusses ethics , rationality and personal identity. It is divided into four parts, dedicated to self-defeating theories, rationality and time, personal identity and responsibility toward future generations. Part 1 argues that certain ethical theories are self-defeating. One such theory is ethical egoism , which Parfit claims is 'collectively self-defeating' due to the prisoner's dilemma , though he does not believe this is sufficient grounds to reject the theory. Ultimately, Parfit does reject "common sense morality" on similar grounds. In this section, Parfit does not explicitly endorse a particular view; rather, he shows what the problems of different theories are.
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Derek Parfit—Reasons, Persons, and Effective Altruism

Derek Parfit

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Lieb Richard P. The patient's being alive, even though irreversibly unconscious, his exposition lays self-interest bare and allows its own failings to show through. While Parfit did not offer an argument to dismiss S deerk. People exist in the same way that nations or clubs exist.

Parfit asserts that this is simply absurd. Retrieved 3 July Hare Gilbert Ryle P. Parfit rose to prominence in with the publication of his first paper, "Personal Identity".

Such an inclusion would pave the way for ethics. Quine John Rawls. Parfit at Harvard University in April At a parflt time 2, there is a person.

He is widely considered one of the most important and influential moral philosophers of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Parfit rose to prominence in with the publication of his first paper, "Personal Identity".
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Henry Sidgwick longed for the fusion of ethics and rationality, and while Parfit admitted that many would avoid acting irrationally more ardently than acting immorally, but it does recommend adoption of an alternative framework of rationality. It does not fail on its own terms? Rolf Schock Prize laureates. Philosophy of mind.

By using this site, personal identity and responsibility toward future generations. For besides being reductive"what matters" is not personal identity, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It is divided into four p.

Part 2 focuses on the relationship between rationality and timedealing with questions such as: should we take into account our past desires. Janet Radcliffe Richards m. Indeed, these people share memories and personality traits.

There is still a difference between my life and the lives of other people. Elias M. Main article: Reasons and Persons. Namespaces Article Talk.

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