Make and let exercises pdf

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make and let exercises pdf

Exercises on Passive Voice - simple-past :: Simple-past

For example:. She made him do the exercise again. She lets the students sing in class. His parents let him paint his room black. They were made to do the exercise again. Cinderella was made to sweep the floor before she could go out. He was allowed to stay up late.
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English Grammar: Causative Verbs: Make, Have, Let, Get, Help

Imperative sentences

Don't cry. Let is followed by an object and an infinitive without to :. Do come on time. Imperative Exercise 3 Hurry up!

Efficient or effective. Economic or economical. Let's not do it. It is followed by an object.

She saw all the action of stealing? Around or round. Exervises was made to sweep the floor before she could go out. The language of praising.

Apart from or except for. Give yourself a pat on the back. British and American English Dialect Double negatives and usage Formal and informal language Newspaper headlines Register Slang Standard and non-standard language Swearing and taboo expressions. Present Present continuous I am working Present perfect continuous I have been working Present perfect simple I have jake Present perfect simple or present perfect continuous.

Each or every. Pronouns: possessive my. Download Now. Check Show Answer 17 Speaking English you communicate with lots of different people.

Browse our dictionary apps today and ensure you are never again lost for words. Thanksgiving turkey craft Level: elementary Age: Downloads: Cinderella was made to sweep the floor before she could go out. Add the power of Cambridge Dictionary to your website using our free search box widgets.

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Near as an adjective. Such as. Online exercises: Imperative Exercise 1 Sit down. We can make a polite request in English if we put shall we or will you at the end of the imperative sentence.

Professor Yu each of her students write ajd essay describing their future goals in life. Gerunds and infinitives If-conditional Time clauses Relative clauses Direct indirect object Indirect questions Reported speech. Come or go. Popular in Grammar.

December 30, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, He's crazy. Imperative Exercise 6 All forms of imperative sentences.

Begin or start. My parents me go out at the weekends with my friends. Check Show Answer 4 The professor often the students do a lot of homework. Any more or anymore.

Let there be no doubt about it. They mustn't stay here. Hardeep Singh. Rebecca Smith requested a copy of that exerciwes report, so I the courier take one over to her last week. Have something to eat, Greg.

We use let to talk about permission. Let is followed by an object and an infinitive without to :. Let us is the first person plural imperative, which we only use in very formal situations. We also use let me the first person singular imperative to give a direct, more formal suggestion or offer:. We use let for third person imperatives and for impersonal imperatives:.


Do not let us deceive ourselves that our economic problems can be easily solved. Consistshe means that she cannot force people to call; she does not have the power to lt or change the situation. When Helen says 'I can't make people call', comprise or compose. Different fromdifferent to or different than.

Acrossover or through? Give yourself a pat on the back? Past simple I worked Past simple or present perfect. Near as an adjective.

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  1. Choose 'let' or 'make' and put it into the correct form: 1. John's mother used Doing a lot of exercise ______ me eat as many cakes as I like! The boss often​.

  2. Imperative Exercise 1 Sit down. Don't sit down. Imperative Exercise 2 Say it. Don't say it. Let's not do it. 🦴

  3. Let or Make Exercise 1. Click here to download this exercise in PDF (with answers) · Review the explanation about 'let' and 'make' here.

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