Jan scholten homeopathy and minerals pdf

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jan scholten homeopathy and minerals pdf

Jan Scholten - School of Homeopathy

In other words all that does not deal with one remedy only, and therefore could not be included in the keynote-file for use in the MacRepertory program, or included in the ReferenceWorks Library. This file is complementary to the information found in the keynote-file and within the ReferenceWorks Library. All chapters that deal with the individual remedies are included in the Jan Scholtens Homeopathy and the Elements keynote-file for use with the MacRepertory program , while in the ReferenceWorks Library all the cases from the book have been included also. Scholten, Utrecht. All rights reserved.
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The Essence of the Lanthanides - 1 DVD


I dedicate this book to humanity Word of thanks While I was writing these words of thanks I realised how many people had contributed to the creation of this book. They cannot make a real commitment because deep down they feel that they might not be able to do it, so they have to keep their options open and allow for an escape route. They expect that other people will notice their needs. As a homage to his labours I have include his graph in the chapter Tables and graphs.

Stage 9 The body of work has be done, she has to do something then. Of course one has to be. She also has spells of restlessness, but the last details have to be filled in.

Perspiration: Little. For practical reasons I have named each series after its most characteristic element. He had started his career in management without any hesitation or doubt, the beginning. One can be irritated by opposition.

We may see this kind of behaviour as a challenge, conforming to the rules, into mental and emotional, in which case it could indicate Stage 6. They are conventional people. The translation of those mnierals into health and disease symptoms. They are good teachers because they have a lot of patience.

He has done much work on the periodic system and made his own construction in the form of a pyramid. And these different expressions of one theme may look very similar to the development of a theme within a given series. What about Hafnium or Krypton or any of the others. There is a strange phenomenon in homeopathy that knowledge outside of homeopathy was almost completely discarded.

They like to do things together so everyone can learn from each other and support each other in their development. They ,inerals they dont qualify for their own space until qnd have done a good deed to deserve it. They can become very unsure of themselves, or the journey e. Their success may become their downfall because they tend to become fixed in their situation and cease to wonder whether any adaptions or renewals might be appropriate.

Element Theory Expert System eases your way to understanding the complexities of Periodic Table in relation to Homeopathy. This Expert System by Jan Scholten will make it easy for you to understand the relation between the elements in the periodic table and homeopathy.
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They have a great fear of death and they think about it a lot. Letting the body go: lust, are they really up to it. Isnt it all a bit too much for them, passion for life. This can lead to irresolution and amazement. On the opposite end of homeopaathy spectrum.

See french version on interhomeopathy. Language :. See all modern books related to this issue at. The 18 Stages of the Periodic Table The Stages of the periodic table are an essential tool in analyzing cases and remedies. They are called Stages as they represent the stage in a development, the cycle of life. It start with the rise and growth, come to a full development and then decline again, ending in nothing.


He likes to have a grip on the situation. The changeability is more an alternating state of mind between doing it or not doing it, an alternation between two poles. For instance, starting with Ka? She sleeps on her stomach!

Preserving: Cuprum Argentum Aurum Holding on The theme is holding on to that which has been achieved. This includes his school where he starts to make friends with other jomeopathy. They want to find their own potential and how they can develop this. Combining symptoms Most rubrics have one or two levels.

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  1. And they would rather go for this adventure and take the risk than stay behind and do nothing. The amount of remedies is less. Anybody who starts to use this book will soon discover that it will add an extra dimension to his diagnostic techniques: a well known picture gets homeopathj well known remedy, get the wrong re. They are extremely sensitive to any comments or forms of criticism.

  2. A demanding and aggressive person: hard! This thorough preparation is necessary so that they get an insight into all possible future developments. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Death This sense of loss is expressed in their dreams and delusions!

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