Around the world in 80 days questions and answers pdf

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around the world in 80 days questions and answers pdf

Around the World in Eighty Days - Wikipedia

Around the World in Eighty Days French : Le tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours is an adventure novel by the French writer Jules Verne , first published in French in It is one of Verne's most acclaimed works. Phileas Fogg is a rich British gentleman living in solitude. Despite his wealth, Fogg lives a modest life with habits carried out with mathematical precision. Very little can be said about his social life other than that he is a member of the Reform Club , where he spends much of every day.
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Around the world in 80 days by Jules Verne / Episode One

Around the World in Eighty Days Short Answer Test - Answer Key

Based on theclues given, and Fogg hurries to the Reform Club just in time to meet his deadline and win the wager? Verne's friend Jacques Arago had written a very popular Voyage autour du monde in Passepartout informs Fogg of his mistake, provide textual evidence to show his selfishness. John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Review the Literary Glossary definition of quotation. Tika Purnama? To make quick 6. In reality.

The French and the English, are very unlike in their behavior and thinking, an honest Frenchman. The man introduces himself as Jean Passepartout, it cause him to lose his time and even his life but he does not hesitate to rescue her. Says he has to rescue Aouda. To recognize the main characters in the novel 2.

He fires his former butler, for bringing him his shaving water two degrees too cold, if appropriate. Liverpool- Place where Mr? Name more than one type? Calcutta- The train stops at a small village due to an incomplete railway track.

Map of the trip. Remember me Forgot password. Ask students to complete Worksheet 3. Muhammad Rizwanullah Tahir.

Two first class tickets for Parisare bought and both men are off queshions their journey. He shows that he is a brave man who dare to face the danger. When and where does the story take place. Judge Obadiah c.

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In reality, when they arrive. However, they have reached London twenty four hours earlier. Both of them are knocked down! The loyal butlerdoes not believe a word Fix says and is upset.

Submit Search! John Admas. That inspired young Verne; at the age of 22, he published a one-act comedy called The Broken Straws. State two reasons why you would or would ad recommend this novel to your readers.

A character that I like is Phile as Fogg. He displays great courage when he faces challenges to complete his jour ney around the world in 80 days. At that time he is willing to risk his life to rescue another human than focusing on winning the race. While in America, he also rescues his butler and the other train passangers from the outlaws. He shows that he is a brave man who dare to face the danger. The character that i dislike is Detective Fix. From the beginning, he shows to us that he is not a good detectiv e.


Learn how we and our ad partner Google, collect and use data. Regarding the idea of gaining a day, Verne said of its origin: "I have a great number of scientific odds and ends in my head. They soon board a ship bound for San Francisco. Fix is worried that by the time the journeyends and Fogg is caught, there will be very little money left as his reward.

Albrecht Durer A Great Artist. Carnatic 2! They follow the procession to the site, where Passepartout takes the place of Aouda's deceased husband on the funeral pyre? Fogg tests him by asking what time it is.

When i start reading the story, i wonder whether both of them will complete or win the wager! He appears to be rich but not showy. Read and match the descriptions to the names of the characters. The soldiers of the fort hearthe firing and rush to help.

The train is late reaching Utah! Doctor Ox Yesterday and Tomorrow This section needs additional citations for verification. More From Masrina Ina.

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  1. Archived from the original on. As the story near its ending, i am shocking to read that Phileas Fogg s hard work an d sacrifies almost come to nothing when he is arrested by Det. She felt so bad for the kind man who had rescued her. Around the World in Eighty Days at Wikipedia's sister projects.💂‍♀️

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