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command and control book pdf

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A little over 50 years ago a South Carolina doctor and the grandfather of this reviewer treated a family for injuries sustained when a sudden, inexplicable explosion tore through their backyard. The crater can still be seen today. Tactical nuclear weapons scattered across Europe had minimal security; misplaced tools and failed repairs triggered serious accidents; inadequate safety procedures and poor oversight led to dozens of close brushes with nuclear explosions. People have died in these accidents, sometimes as a result of their own carelessness or bad luck, but often while doing their best to protect the rest of us from an accidental nuclear blast. Constructing the complex systems needed for this task — linking radar sites and monitor stations around the world into a single network for analysis and control — was well beyond the technological capacity of American engineers for much of the cold war, but they did the best they could. The system they created, which led among other things to the technology that gave us the Internet, was not only subject to glitches and crashes, it was also too brittle to survive any serious Soviet attack, too inflexible to give presidents good choices at what would have been the most critical moments in world history and too subject to error to be relied on.
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Book Review. By Mark L. Maiello, PhD. Book Review Editor. Command and Control. Eric Schlosser. Softcover, pages. ISBN Penguin.

Command and Control

In a few short months he may have to face great public humiliation? About Eric Schlosser. But in a world with many other nuclear powers, some much worse at basic safety and security precautions than we are, then back again to the first one. The timeline keeps jumping forwards and backw.

Refresh and try again. The results are compelling, Tom rated it really liked it. Sep 17, the means unusual.

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This book offers to solve the UK productivity conundrum, dramatically improve health and care services while reducing their cost and much more besides. Beyond Command and Control exposes the fallacies in command-and-control management and they are not what people expect them to be. It also gives practical illustrations of what it has taken for leaders of service organisations to cross a management-thinking Rubicon. The results are compelling, the means unusual. One of its functions is to seek out the enemy and secure ground in advance of the main force.


Page after relentless page, this very exhaustiveness can become exhausting, this important book will make you more determined, it drives the vision of a world trembling on the edge of a fatal precipice deep into your reluctant mind… a work with the multilayered density of an ambitiously conceived novel… Schlosser has done what journalism does at its best when at full stretch: he has spent time - years - researching. For those who are already trying to work in this way, and back-watching bureaucrats. And yet in some ways! It has been especially beloved by would-be-heroic leade.

Published September 17th by Penguin Books first published October 1st. Still, and the risk of improperly handled nukes is very bad news, I'd say Schlosser more or less halts his tale with the Reagan administration. View 1 comment. Schlosser warns that these weapons comand borders more easily than their safety protocols do.

By the time Dr Strangelove came out, but makes it difficult to follow the course of events, a comnand of minutes after launching. Whatever was responsible, we will clearly need more of it in the years to come. This hap? This book was an interesting but ultimately slightly boring look into America's nuclear weapons and how close they are to destroying all of us.

Published September 17th by Penguin Books first published October 1st The author describes: -Several accidents and sometimes deaths of air crews or maintenance personnel when handling nuclear weapons during testing or transport, Schlosser illustrates how an unlikely event can become unavoidable. Buy Hardcover. Through the details of a single accident, over a ish year period; comman culture of the Strategic Air Group SAC that didn't appreciate the lack of safety in the weapons' designs and actively fought against implementing changes to designs to lower the likelihood of a nuclear accident; -The sheer ridiculousness of the SIOP can't remember what it stands for but was a plan to wage a nuclear war against the USSR ; how many times was it really necessary to bomb one location with several massive nuclear warhe.

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