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The River And The Source – Margaret Ogola [Review] – Writing Is Fighting

As a River is a sensuously and smoothly written book, a heartfelt meditation on what divides us from each other and from love. As a River by Sion Dayson. Jaded Ibis Press. Paperback, pp. The atmosphere, the place and time, the characterization, the clear prose, all heighten the tension and textures rooted in the hidden.
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The River and the Source by Margaret A. Ogola

Book Review: “As a River” — How Secrets Divide

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El fenomeno de las vanguardias literarias acaece en America latina entre a Vanguardias - Creacionismo - Realismo popular - Democracia - Novela. Oxford University Press. Dayson writes with gentleness and affection for her characters and their struggles. By: Nigel!

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This pairing of Read One, Skip One is appropriate because both books involve river-related disasters, but I much preferred one book over the other! And, I think their categorization is spot on. It feels like a suspenseful small-town story especially in the first half …not a thriller. Though the beginning is a slow burn, I was immediately drawn in and wanted to find out how these two river tragedies a decade apart would connect. And, the second half really takes off.


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  1. Margaret Ogola exemplified her prowess in creative writing through this captivating and informative narrative. The River and the Source Novel was first.

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