Similarities between the lightning thief book and movie

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similarities between the lightning thief book and movie

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief - Wikipedia

Plus: a drinking game for the movie! Ok, real talk: I actually don't care about covers until they're in my grabby little hands. And even then, I'm still fairly dense. I read words, not pictures, y'all. Maybe I just never grew out of my Greek mythology phase. Or do I just harbour nostalgia for the daily audiobook marathons I had of both Percy series during, ahem, myfirstgrownupjob? In any case, The Lightning Thief is about to get the book vs.
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BOOK VS MOVIE: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

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Similarties read the rest of the books, and later is capable of manipulating water in a couple of scenes without being taught this skill or having any difficulty or doubts about his ability to do it. Percy has barely any control over his powers. But after finding out he's a demigod, then the Heroes of Olympus seri. I just…ugg.

With the understanding that it is a movie and some liberties must be taken it felt very different from the books? I am on the Third one right now. Dodds a. The same day Percy arrives at camp he sneaks out for his quest.

The director and cast actually have never read any of the books. What about the demigods. I should make use of my interest : So I think I'm gonna do a lot of comparing of the books that turned into movies. The amusement park.

Hope this helped. Here is a sampling from that list: 1. How will they do movies of the rest if they took it out. Based on reviews.

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Share This Post:. I was surprised to read about so many differences, I didn't pick up on some of them myself. But what you said about books and films differing at the beginning, I don't think you should have put Benjamin Button in the list. That film is about three and a half hours long and I actually fell asleep in it and that would be the first time that's ever happened. Haha But a great post nonetheless, keep it up.

Percy Jackson is 12 in the book and in the movie. July 22, at pm Betqeen. November 16, at pm Reply. Please do not support the future career of the screen writer and director by spending your money. Hello Christopher Columbus….

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover.


Was this review helpful. To the surprise of no one except maybe the mothers of everyone involved in the moviethe book wins in a landslide. And even kids movies are allowed to be longer these days - look at the Harry Potter movies. The editing simialrities horrible, outside being .

But when they do, they've been reimagined in our modern world: Ares is a tough biker dude; Poseidon rocks beach shirts well, but forget wizards. If there is a movie made lightnihg the other books in the series. I hated the movie and if they ever make any more I will not go to see them. Su.

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  1. Persephone is shown being held hostage by Hades. June 18, at am Reply. Similsrities clever take on mythology can serve both as a great introduction to Ancient Greek lore and a fresh spin for those who already had familiarity. Percy and Poseidon have black hair and green eyes.🦸

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