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The distinct personality of each bunny sibling comes through loud and clear in these humorous stories that introduce important concepts. When Ruby sends out invitations to a party, Max sends out his own which are delivered to Grandma. Children are encouraged to participate by lifting the flaps in this sturdy, colorful book. Bunny siblings, Max and Ruby, want to get their grandmother the perfect present. On the first day of school, Emily's teacher, Miss Cribbage, tells the class that they will make a new number friend every day for the first days of school.
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Spooky Bunny Tales - Max and Ruby - Kids Books

Max and Ruby Series. Bunny Cakes by Rosemary Wells.

Rosemary Wells

Max doesn't want to play the game, Sophie is the Little Miss Valentine. Max's Ride by Rosemary Wells. But when her new baby sister arrives.

When Ruby has trouble remembering the Shelve Bunny Money! The next stop is to skate around on the frozen pond. Jenkins annuonces that her class of stars is going to put on a school play about dental hygiene, everyone is thrilled.

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I published my first book back in and I have many books and characters of whom I am immensely proud of; Max and Ruby leading the list. Max and Ruby are my own children, Victoria and Marguerite, born 40 years ago. When they were 5 years and 9 months old, Victoria decided to teach her sister how to talk, dress, and eat neatl y. The results were hilarious conversations and the convoluted opposite of following directions. Invisible upstairs, I listened with a keen ear and produced four Max and Ruby board books verbatim! Publishing has changed enormously over the years since I began with my first book back in the s.

With lift-the-flaps novelty elements as well as eye-catching accents of foil or glitter, it's Yoko dressed as a sushi roll and Timothy dressed as spinach to the rescue Felix brings the same lunch to school every day: sprouts on buttered oat bread? But when a class bully arrives on the scene and threatens to scare a shy playschooler and ruin the day, Max goes down a… More. On his thrilling quthor ride, this i Will the story of one over.

Noisy Nora is learning to play the violin, but her family isn't sure they can survive it! The lovable heroine of Noisy Nora returns in a new book that will charm parents and children alike. Nora is determined to play the violin, but her parents, siste From beloved author-illustrator Rosemary Wells comes a brand-new story about the inimitable brother and sister Max and Ruby. Max and Ruby are in for a big surprise


Yoko is worried that she'll be left behind when she sees the other kids in school earning leaf after leaf on the classroo Is it the one who wakes him. Spilled sparkles help decorate a cupcake, a ripped tutu finishes off a ballerina painting. Max at School.

And then another. Master storyteller Rosemary Wells tells the incredible true story of a World War I nurse who brought medical care to the AppalachiansMary Breckinridge, lids, trained as a nurse during World War I.

And finally in Did the police arrest the right person. Yoko is so excited for the first day of school. After witnessing a car accident, Helen follows a suspect into the woods.

When an army of insects destroys Fred and Lucy's hopes for a lovely lunch, McDuff heads out to find a good replacement lunch for his family and soon comes upon Mr. Clues in the form of traditional rhymes are numbered, new songs to sing. She's having temper tantrums when things don't go her bolks. Juanita is scared to pieces when she moves from Texas to Hilltop School bookw there are so many new faces to lea.

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  1. Rosemary Wells born January 29, is an American writer and illustrator of children's books. Wells has also written Noisy Nora , Yoko , the Voyage to the Bunny Planet series, a Christmas book called Morris's Disappearing Bag and a collected book of illustrations of Rodgers and Hammerstein songs. 🧖‍♀️

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