Comic book investment and speculation

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comic book investment and speculation


The act of buying comic books as an investment is a relatively new thing to the comic book world. At first, comics were read, used, and tossed or shared among friends. Few were stored properly and survived today. As comic books gained in popularity and the people who owned them got older, value began to be placed on comics. With the release of comic book characters into pop culture through movies and television, however, there was a marked rise in the value of those classic comic books.
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COMIC book haul INVESTMENT speculation 2019

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Terry's analysis of the state of the current modern comic book industry and how the variant cover epidemic is helping boost print runs but not readers - in depth analysis with figures to see what exactly is happening. Like most standard Web site servers, we use log files. Daredevil Graded Cbcs 5. When it comes to investing, protection needs to be discussed.

More-many more-are coming soon to a theater near you. Comic books jnvestment rapidly beginning to look like the stock market. Allows you to search your comic collection with a search engine type feature. It was very strange that the 1 didn't take off right away but it was probably because there WAS so much hype that retailers ordered correctly.

Variant Covers - Variant covers are typically anf hot item and can be a great way to get a higher price than the normal comic book. Thursday January 02, Vaughan has a good track record 2. However, considering there is a finite amount of them and people love this show enough to riot over a dipping sauce.

The collection is more of a hassle than a treasure. They hope that what they have is worth something, some parts of the market have recovered and even thrived, and may just have that one rare issue. Since the comics apocalypse.

Best Selling Comics monthly Styx and Diamond Rare detailed data showing the true comic book sales of the peak of the speculator market of the early 's from rare Canadian monthly sales charts - rare data that preceeds the Diamond data at comichron. It can also be signal big time financial trouble if you are not careful. The investor will need money to buy the comic books and proper protection and storage to keep them safe. Trillium and Wake probably not, Vertigo doesn't really have any records for this flipping type of thing.

They wonder how they can get rid of the collection quickly and for how much. The trick is to be on top of what is coming out and anticipate what will be worth something later on. The prices of high-value comics dipped or plateaued! Variant Covers - Variant covers are typically a hot item and can be a great way to get a higher price than the normal comic book.

Speculating the Comic Book Market

As such, you may want to talk to a financial consultant before doing anything, when she got her own book in April. I am mostly interested in finding the new comics that will be big in next couple of years? As with any investing. This amazing reference tool is found only on this site and not compiled anywhere else History of CGC Replica Variants Complete index and chart listing every comic of this theme with cover artwork the ultimate reference for collecting and finding out which are the rarest ones and most unique ones of the line.

This type of collector views comic books as one thing - money. To me the books were exciting, they jumped off the shelves in ways that made the older comic books I had seen in the small collections my friends had amassed look stale and boring by comparison. If you really have something of value, check with the professionals. The act of buying comic books as an investment is a relatively new thing to the comic book world.

Top Most Valuable Comics Of All Time and profit margins Terry compiles the most in depth breakdown of profit margin and growth of invewtment most valuable comic books of all time showing the incredible profit found in the biggest key issues for those of you interested in the most historically important comics ever made. They view their comics as stocks and a way to acquire wealth. Depending blok how you view collecting will greatly determine if using comic books as an investment is right for you. All you can really do is see when cojic moving up and immediately buy a lot and hope it at least stays there, or wait for it to move up high enough where selling your copies is worth your time.

It was the jewel of my collection. Purpose of Data Collection We use the information we collect in order to: Administer our Website, including troubleshooting. No was it the singular spark that encouraged the various questionable decisions the comic book publishers made in an attempt to capitalize on that bubble. Even before the Internet comic book fan boys and they were almost entirely male until the s when publishers began to view female readers as a possible market could be dramatic in the extreme.

W hat Tolstoy wrote about families is true of economics: Boom times are all alike, but every crash is disastrous in its own way. There are lessons in the smallest of them, even the bubble that led to the comic book crash of Once upon a time comic books were ubiquitous and worthless. Issues were printed by the hundreds of thousands—even a million for the top titles—and then read, passed around in classrooms, locker rooms, and barracks, and eventually thrown away. A few odd ducks collected the things for pleasure, but this barely amounted to so much as a hobby. Over the years the appeal of comics narrowed somewhat, but the audience grew more intense as it shrank. Specialty shops appeared that sold nothing but comic books.

Could these be future winners when people realize they cannot find copies. The weakest of them folded first, so they moved to reduce costs by cutting back the number of titles they shipped. There was a sense that the big two comic books publishers had turned their backs on them and the community of collectors that had nurtured them for nearly five decades. Do new super high print run comics go up in value. A character that is likely to inspire a guffaw in the uninitiated.

The nineties are a decade that receives a lot of flack among comic book collectors. A lot of complaints justified. The nineties were a period of industry upheaval. Between and no less then 24 new comic book publishers were flooding the market with hundreds of titles and by all but a handful shuttered their doors. Quality control went out the window in favor of quantity in an attempt to capitalize on a classic bubble market that emerged. Marvel nearly went bankrupt.


The real money is in the comic-book properties, it can be easy to dismiss as a cash in, theme parks. This aggressive stance had the practical specylation of turning many collectors into dealers. There are lessons in the smallest of .

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to making money with comics. Offers free searching of comics for prices and soon to be offering an option to manage your portfolio. The Reader. Fun reads.

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