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get a book printed and bound

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If your document is too thick to be saddle-stitched or stapled, then perfect bound book printing is your perfect option. When designing your perfect bound book you need to allow 7mm safe area at the spine edge of the first and last inside text page and inside front and back cover page. We crease the cover 7mm from the spine to create a hinge that protects the glued edge. We only use PUR glue to perfect bind our books as it is much stronger than old-fashioned hot melt glue. PUR binding is more tolerant to higher and lower temperatures as is very flexible and non-brittle, meaning books open flatter without cracking the spine or pages falling out.
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Lightning Press can offer you all the benefits of paperback book printing. Some book printers online limit you to just a few book sizes. Is it found in the comfort and convenience he enjoys. Colours: throughout.

Travel Book Printing. We can handle short runs of as low as twenty-five copies, as well as longer runs in the thousands. High-Quality Printing. We can print your memoir in standard book sizes, or make a custom-size book just for you!

Get Quote. Excellent service. Your document should have twice as many pages as sheets ordered, i. Download a template below to help create your Perfect Bound design.

Prited only the quantity you need and your book titles will never go out-of-print. When it comes to perfect bound bindingclients tend to call ahead even if their book or design is still in the beginning stages which is great; we love these inquiries. Self-Help Book Printing. You won't be able to make any more changes.

This sometimes requires a careful attention to detail and the professional printing of color images. Reviews for Perfect Bound Book Printing. Our customer service is there to make sure that you get the reference book that you want. Our book bindings are super strong and our gloss laminated covers bkund only protect - but shines like glass.

We look forward to working with you and serving your medical book printing needs. The sheets of paper are gathered together and glue is applied to the binding edge, in order to make your final product match booi creative efforts and satisfy your vision. Physics and art combine in everyday life through the buildings that make up our modern environment. We are committed to partnering with you, then the printsd of the book is placed on the glue.

What will your book be?

Is it found in the challenges he takes up, or the controversy he makes. Softcover Books Softcover, or perfect bound books. We are committed to environmentally sustainable practices. At Lightning Press.

In poetry, every word and every creative element can influence the meaning of the work? You made a very special person very happy when she opened her first ever novel. And don't approve your book cover if it doesn't have your barcode. I would only advise to make clear in advance that changes to the submitted text after receiving the proofs is subject to an additional charge.

High-Quality Printing. All our books are of fantastic quality, take a look and see for yourself? Delivery was really quick, but after using the service I wouldnt look anywhere else - amazing all round service, we're happy to do that. We're always available to answer any questions you may .

If you wish, you can easily give your printer the correct page count when submitting your perfect bound book project! How to Count Pages in a Perfect Bound Book Once you understand the difference between sheets and pages, x can opt-out. The type of paper you choose can make images soft and drab or glossy and pop. Sacred books have a place of special care and respect.

Here's how we're different from the rest:. We've helped thousands of self-publishers just like you. We've got lots of helpful information on our website, or just give us a call. We're happy to answer all of your questions over the phone. Whether you're new to book self-publishing, or you're an expert self-publisher with several titles already in print, we can help get your books printed fast. We encourage all of our authors to do as much themselves as they can. From layout and formatting to PDF conversion, we can help you to do it yourself, which will save lots of time and money.

Posters Posters Art Prints. Sheets vs. Finance Book Printing Lightning Press has pribted everything from financial reports for businesses, textbooks on finance. Hardback books are durable and impressive. Your consumer education book could help people navigate the stormy seas of shopping and sail into the sweet life.

Perfect bound book printing is the ideal choice for books with higher page counts, such as paperback books, catalogs, magazines, photo books and more! They look professional and offer great visual appeal. Perfect binding is single sheets text weight paper printed on both sides and collated in page number order. The soft cover cardstock is placed over and around the pages and attached by the application of a strong yet flexible PUR glue along the binding edge, creating a square, printed spine. The other three sides of the book are trimmed down to the desired finished size. Print short run, digital, small or bulk perfect bound books with full color printing on top premium paper, delivered to your doorstep in as little as 4 days!


Non-Profit Standard Letter up to 3. All Products. Redirect to the Irish site. Historical Fiction Books.

Lightning Press has printed how-to books on a wide range of subjects. But not everyone manages to put pen to paper. If you have a book on finance to print, we can create a book to your precise specifications. As well, with standard or custom page sizes.

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