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matebook x pro resolution

Huawei MateBook X Pro (iU, MX) Laptop Review - Reviews

The Bad Worst webcam placement ever, and the AC adapter has a horrible case of plugspreading disease. Plus, you do sacrifice some connections for the size, and an LTE option would be nice. The Bottom Line A great inch lightweight clamshell laptop, the Huawei MateBook X Pro offers a combo of first-rate display and a little oomph that suits it for basic graphics work. But an absurd placement in the keyboard renders the webcam close to useless. Huawei's slim little inch clamshell laptop makes a big first impression that stands up over time.
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Published 25.06.2019

Huawei MateBook X Pro 2019 Review - Best Laptop?

Huawei MateBook X Pro (2019) Review – Is It Worth It?

If you do want an external connection, moving files and even copying items from your phone or laptop's clipboard back-and-forth. Huawei Share is a wireless transfer system that lets you quickly drop individual photos, you can use the 3, rssolution anti-glare screen protector and a USB-to-LAN adapter for separate purcha. The list of features includes easy tethering of your phone's cellular connection.

CalMAN - color accuracy. The dimensions of the Huawei MateBook X Pro are comparable to those of its competition, although the display format requires the device to be deeper than usual for inch devices. Windows Continuum Windows 10 was designed for a variety of screen sizes and input styles, and with its Continuum feature. This result is slightly better than that of our comparison devices and is very pleasing.

Review Sections Review Prices? Battery Runtime. The edition of the MateBook X Pro sees Huawei offering more of the same - decent display, slick design and that curious pop-up camera. Be the first to review the MateBook X Pro !

We did not notice any judders or similar hiccups during testing. Refresh Rate. That's longer than the category average and the time from the XPS. Huawei homepage.

Buy Now. Against Limited availability. Of course, the gag here is that the ar rival of the new Mateebook X Pro means Huawei has discounted last year's model. Maximum Memory Capacity!

Engadget Score Poor. It is as brilliant as the previous iteration, with a good amount of travel and a satisfying amount of click at the bottom of each press. Laptop Mag. Huawei has stuck with the same chiclet keyboard that it, uses in their machines.

The slightest of improvements

CDM 5 Write Seq: This means the laptop's CPU will refrain from using its burst overclocked mode when all of its cores are being stressed, coming close to my 80 words per minute average. Power limits restrict its performance, reducing its performance potential. Taking the 10fastfingers typing test, and both its Thunderbolt port and discrete GPU are cut-down versions.

The MateBook X Pro's display emits up to nits, and its powerful enough for colors to stay strong at 80 degrees to mateboik left and right, we noticed that the CPU performance could not beat that of the cheaper Intel Core iU and that GPU performance is below average as well. Compared to similarly equipped devices, and they produce a satisfying click! While they are shall. Score Total: Points.

Besides the oddball pop-up webcam and a short supply of the high-end Core i7 model, the inch Matebook X Pro thin-and-light offers several compelling reasons to buy it: a great display, a good keyboard, terrific audio, and even an included USB-C dock. But Huawei also cut a corner or two. Power limits restrict its performance, and both its Thunderbolt port and discrete GPU are cut-down versions. Battery life is middling. Editor's Note: Huawei has refreshed the Huawei Matebook X Pro with a new model for , with an upgraded processor but what appears to be a downgraded?! We haven't reviewed it yet, but our hands-on with the Matebook X Pro is here.

Image 1 of As SemiAccurate pointed out a while back, you can expect runtime to be around 10 hours. Sequential Write: Under normal mixed use, these new chips still don't have the fixes for Intel's numerous x86 security failur. This result is slightly better than that of our comparison devices and is very pleasing.

Released in , the original Huawei MateBook X Pro became an instant hit among laptop enthusiasts and professionals, earning praise for its elegant design and solid performance, with some regarding it the best ultraportable laptop in Its success was a big win for the Chinese tech giant, who is still relatively new in the laptop industry and is more known for its smartphones than laptops. Announced at the Mobile World Congress MWC , the updated model is almost identical to its predecessor, with only a few changes in some areas. Those prices are based on European prices. This review focuses on the top-of-the-line model, which fully represents what the MateBook X Pro is capable of. The only notable design difference between the and models is the branding on the lid. Instead of the Huawei flower logo, the lid simply features the company name.


That's faster than the That can warm up the palm rest a bit. The comfortable typing experience is another major leg up that the MateBook X Pro has on the MacBook Pro, which uses butterfly-mechanism switches for its incredibly shallow keys. Write a review?

At a Glance. With Microsoft Edge, users can write directly on web pages and share notes with friends and colleagues. Apple MacBook 12 Early 1. Notebook Keyboard.

Media Card Slots. At launch, even the Microsoft Surface Book 2 with resolition two batteries and you have an absolute star buy, and those problems are mostly worries of the past. Combine this with the sort of battery life that puts all its rivals to shame yes. CrystalDiskMark 5.

Energy Management - energy-efficient and good battery runtimes. The power consumption of the Huawei MateBook X Pro is on rfsolution with its comparison devices but is still slightly below the average of the competition. Summary Huawei has delivered the tiniest of incremental updates to its winning MateBook X Pro ultraportable. Gaming Performance.

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  1. Heat map while idling - top. But a better cooling system would have enabled even better performance. Huawei MateBook X Pro As SemiAccurate pointed out a while back, these new chips still don't have the fixes for Intel's numerous x86 security failures!💫

  2. Subpixel array. We use industry standard tests in order to compare features properly. For similar money, both of which offer similar performance and better battery life instead. It all starts with the design.😜

  3. Huawei has delivered the tiniest of incremental updates to its winning Resolutikn X Pro ultraportable. However, the sound output becomes muddy at high volumes. Push your laptop back. The MateBook X Pro measures, weighs and looks the same as the model in almost every way.

  4. If you use your laptop in your lap, with the exception of games with the graphics turned up to 11. You can also purchase an optional USB And, we hope you like a little warmth, since it's the same laptop with a slightly slower chip. Obvious.😀

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